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Comedy About A Bank Robbery, Criterion Theatre, West End

"Standout performances on the evening were Peter McGovern as 60 year old intern Warren Slax.  His attention to detail and incredibly timed comedic points worked wonderfully in the show.  His character is the guy you're rooting for throughout the piece and Peter plays this very well."

"Leonard Cook and Peter McGovern's wall-based capers in particular are a masterclass in farcical comedy - the timing and talent of both actors means we're never bored or distracted and showcases a stunning imagination on behalf of the creative team."

Love's Labour's Lost, Royal Shakespeare Company & Theatre Royal Haymarket, West End

"I particularly warmed to the cheekily winning performance of Peter McGovern as Moth. It is not often this character gets a chance to almost steal the show but McGovern manages it."

"John Hodgkinson and Peter McGovern are a delight as pompous Spaniard Don Armado and pert serving boy Moth."

"Outstanding performances come from John Hodgkinson and Peter McGovern.  Their earnest and enthusiastic portrayals of these ridiculous characters are joyous.  Peter McGovern sings beautifully."

"John Hodgkinson...has especially marvellous assistance from Peter McGovern's Moth, a bright-as-a-button bell boy with a quick wit, a cheery disposition and a nice singing voice.  McGovern energises every scene he enters and his Moth is perfect, buzzing around the flame of the dotty Don Armado."

"The singing is led primarily by Don Armado’s page, Moth (Peter McGovern), whose whole performance was a delight to watch."

"There are nice turns by many in the secondary plot line – that of Spanish Don Armado and his sidekick Moth - a beautifully voiced Peter McGovern."

"Peter McGovern’s Moth is a perfect foil for him, a cherubic manservant with the voice of an angel."

"Don Armado John Hodgkinson and the footman Moth Peter McGovern perform a frenetic Ivor Novello spoof, a musical highlight unmatched in the second play."

Nell Gwynn, Apollo Theatre, West End

"The whole company was fantastic to watch, from Ned (Peter McGovern), the actor in training at the theatre, to Charles II himself (David Sturzaker)." 

"As Ned Spigget, the male ingénue of the King’s Company, Peter McGovern is pitch-perfect, casually conveying his adoration for Nell, his reticence in front of his betters, and landing every joke he can find."

Vincent In Brixton, Theatre By The Lake

"Peter McGovern's Vincent is a terrific bundle of tactlessness, neuroses and social ineptitude, suggesting the definitive pronunciation is Van Gauche."

"Peter McGovern as Vincent is the centre of the show, and makes the most of our attention to provide a restrained and subtle portrait of a character evolving through time."

The Shape Of Things, Theatre By The Lake

"Every stage in the accelerated transformation of Peter McGovern's Adam is completely believable."

The History Boys, Theatre Royal Bath (Tour)

"Peter McGovern, as Rudge, provided the perfect foil to his intellectually gifted peers and drew great applause for his comic relief." 

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