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Auditioning for drama school is highly competitive and for many this can be a daunting and overwhelming experience, but it needn't be.  It is a challenge and a process that can be enjoyed rather than endured.  I want my students to go into their drama school auditions thoroughly prepared, feeling full of courage and confidence.

I'll help you to find the speeches that best demonstrate your own unique individual qualities and we'll work together, using professional exercises and techniques to unlock the text until you're speaking the words from a place of authenticity and truth. 

We'll play around with the speeches so that you're flexible and able to respond to re-direction. 

We'll develop a vocal and physical warm up that you can use prior to and in the build up to your auditions.

We'll talk about nerves and develop individually tailored strategies on how best to combat them.

I'll share with you my inside knowledge from the drama school audition panel to shed some light on what schools are looking for and make you aware of the pitfalls that I see unsuccessful applicants falling into.

Above all, we will work together, in a relaxed, safe and fun environment to enhance and embolden your work as an actor - giving you the best possible chance of audition success.

Following the pandemic, most drama schools have continued to conduct first round auditions via self tape.  This can be daunting for some applicants as they suddenly find themselves playing the the role of actor, director and editor all at once.  Many end up over complicating things and don't do themselves justice.  We'll work together to make sure that you're showing the audition panel exactly what they need to see, that your acting choices translate well to screen and that you are presenting your true authentic self in your interview. 

*Please note - In the spirit of fairness and transparency I ask that ALL students of mine declare to if and when they're auditioning at Guildhall School of Music and Drama.  This is so that I can ensure I am not on the panel that day or responsible for watching their submitted tape.  I will NEVER form part of their audition panel and will have no direct involvement in the outcome of their audition beyond the work we do together.*



"I first discovered Peter through an RSC show I watched online. I remember being so struck by Peter's talent that I had to Google him. To my great delight I learned that he also coaches drama school candidates, so it was a no-brainer for me to work with him. We started our coaching relationship back in August 2021 and have worked consistently together for nine months. It's the longest coaching relationship I've ever had and has been worth every penny. He brings himself to the work and shares his life and experience as an actor with you. I feel so safe with him and always know that if I fall, he will catch me. Without him, I would not have been accepted by my first choice drama school where I will begin training in September 2022. Come to him with your whole self - an open body and an open mind. I promise he will guide you with care and honesty." - Alan 

"Peter is an amazing acting tutor.  His understanding of language, particularly Shakespeare is incredible and his guidance is kind and thoughtful.  I would thoroughly recommend working with Peter if you want to improve your acting in any way." - Phoebe

"Peter has been my tutor and helped me get ready for my drama school auditions.  Peter is the kind of tutor who will get the best out of you, guiding you on a journey to discover your whole potential.  He created a safe space where there was no right or wrong, only a constant learning process.  I am really happy with the outcome, because I have learned new ways of approaching texts and characters.  I've developed an understanding that I didn't have before and my performance has improved because of it.  I recommend Peter to anyone who is looking for a tutor that will give them the necessary tools in order to shape their talent." - Madalina 


First Session: FREE

One Hour Session: £40

Five Pack: £180

Ten Pack: £300

Payments can be securely made via PayPal.

Please note - I have a 24 hour cancellation policy.

Any cancellations within 24 hours of the scheduled session will still be charged at 50% of the booked session price.

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